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These  photos are really from Mothers’ Day but I’ve hijacked them. 



And here is Botticelli’s interpretation of them:

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My head has been busy lately and it’s nearly two weeks that this blog has been idle.  You’d think I could at least come up with a cartoon or maybe two.  

How about one?  One’s enough.  This really qualifies as “Sunday funnies” and on this Pentecost Sunday you might appreciate it better if you attend a liturgical church that preaches through the church calendar.  I don’t.  Not that there’s anything wrong with the practice!  But First Baptist is pretty much Low Church, somewhere between Holland and the swamp.  So if you’re from FBC you may not get this cartoonist, who is Eastern Orthodox.

It may help if you understand that Babel is the opposite of Pentecost.  Genesis 11 vs. Acts 2  (but is a joke still funny if you have to explain it?).   

Thanks as always to Pithless Thoughts.

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